March 2022 - Campaign with the MS Burchana

Map of the route in march 2022.

Route im März 2022. Aufgezeichnete FerryBox-Daten und Probenahmepunkte während der Messkampgnen im März 2022 [Map: Lara Luitjens / NLWKN].

From 07th to 10th and on March 14, 2022, the Coastal Research Center (FSK) of the NLKWN carried out a new measurement campaign with the MS Burchana for Carbostore. Additional points were added to the tour, so that the campaign days were two days longer than the previous ones in 2021. The new points include part of the Ems to Weener, the East Frisian Gatje, the Dukegat, the Randzelgat and the Westerems, as well as point’s seaward from Borkum.

Water quality data (temperature, salinity, concentration of suspended matter, pH value, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, algae classes and carbon dioxide partial pressure) were recorded continuously and precisely with the Ferrybox during the campaign. Various samples were also taken manually for work packages 1 and 2. Due to the east wind, the water level was very low, so that some points could not be approached.

Julia Meyer (PhD student Hereon), Dagmar Daehne (Research Associate FSK-NLKWN) and Lara Luitjens (Technical Engineer FSK-NLWKN) accompanied these trips.

The next measurement campaign is expected to take place in May.